MonteVista Lookout Historic Cabin (2012-2013)

Built new front door and 2 sash for the historic cabin on Monte Vista Peak.
This peak is located at the southern end of the Chiricahua Mountains in Southeastern Arizona. Outstanding views of Rucker Canyon and West Turkey Creek watersheds, as well as distant views into New Mexico and Old Mexico.
Elevation is 9373 feet above sea level. Access to this peak is via the Turkey Creek trailhead (Morse Trail). A 3 hour hike takes you to the top. This is a wilderness area, therefore no vehicular roads are close to the summit. There is no electricity or water at the peak. I prefabricated all the parts for the door and sash at my home; a Forest Service mule team took the pieces up in the fall, and I went up the next spring. I spent 4 days here during the installation, gluing up and installing the sash and door. Luckily there was a lookout who helped me obtain water (from a spring about 1/4 mile away), and who helped feed me, as I did not bring enough food with me. The lookout stays in the tower from early spring until 6 inches of rain falls on the region, usually by the end of July. At that point, the lookout will close down the tower and cabin.
The cabin is used by fire crews and other Forest employees who maintain the area.

View of the lookout tower from Morse Saddle, after about 2 hours of hiking from the Turkey Creek Trailhead.
(a tiny, hard to see squarish box at the top)

The cabin and lookout in the back. Just beyond the tower is a helicopter landing zone.
The cabin upright supports in the front of the cabin have been replace recently, as bears used the old uprights to sharpen their nails on. They destroyed the old uprights.

The old door and old window sash.

The new door and (now sliding) window

View from the lookout, burned area along the hike, a Twin Spotted Rattlesnake, and the trusty mule who took my stuff up for me. (tools, food, bedding and dog food for the lookout's two dogs)

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