Our family, all together at Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. Feb, 1996, St. Louis.
Left to right: Andrew, Joey, Andy, Tiffany, Susie, Chris, John (back row), Melody's son, Melody, Matt (back row), Angie, Roseann, Jonathan (ta da..!), Harper (back row), Mom (Ann), Dad (Ray), Kathy, Mark

This is the famous nerd picture. Circa 1965, 6210 Devonshire, St. Louis.
Left to right: Mark, John, Matthew, Roseann, Andy is the little guy

Mark's wedding day. Devonshire Ave, St. Louis.
Left to right: David Houska, Mark Weiss, Andy Weiss

Our family, all together June, 1974 ,on Devonshire, St. Louis.
Top: Matt, Grandma Bea, Ann, Mark, John
Bottom: Ray, Roseann, Andy